The 18th McGil International Entrepreneurship Conference

The 18th McGil International Entrepreneurship Conference entitled "New Frontiers in International Entrepreneurship (IE)" will be held in UAE, February 28 to March 3,2015. Notably, Dr. Hamid Etemad, editor in-chief of the Journal of International Entrepreneurship and Dr. Faghih,The Chair holder, USECO Chair in Entrepreneurship and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research will also be attending this conference.

 More importantly, a special panel has been scheduled for the Faculty of Entrepreneurship which is per se indicative of the significant role played by this Faculty in the arena of international entrepreneurship and academic interrelationships. It is hoped that professors, researchers and practitioners in various centers and entities of entrepreneurship, in particular, our dear colleagues at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship would be keen on writing papers covering the various aspects of empirical  and theoretical entrepreneurship education and training. This international conference will certainly provide an excellent opportunity for our colleagues to present their insightful  updates and concepts  on entrepreneurship and expand the frontiers of their networking entrepreneurial internationalization with other entrepreneurs and practitioners at such a great forum.

For further information, please contact Dr. Faghih, The Chair holder, USECO chair in Entrepreneurship on and

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